Sunday, 7 October 2012

The House I Live In


Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I am just at a place right now where things are getting
nutty. If there is not one thing going on then there is
another. I hate it. If you knew how many issues
that a sane person has to deal with in this system ?
There must be something good coming for me with all the
crap that I am dealing with at this time.
So many freaking attitudes and opinions and nutty crap
that it is a shame.
You go from one place to another just to get away from it.
I know that you are tired of me getting on with this mess but
I must say it to someone Love.
At times I just feel like giving in and giving up.
But if I do give up, it will not make anything better.
It just will not. But then also that is just a feeling.
Feelings never really got you to where  you need to be anyway.
But if you knowledge is better than your feelings then you need to
stick with knowledge and not the feelings. Feelings can get
you in a lot of trouble. If you give up, is there anything on the other
side that is better than the fight that you are fighting and what is in store for you right now?
So you have to keep things in the right order even though you feel a certain way.
The fight is worth it Love so never give up is what I tell myself.
There is so much that I hold in and just take with no rebuttal.
I am just fed up but I know that I can't change it.
If I give up then it will get me no where at all.
So I must stay on this path that I have chosen which I know will get me to where I am what to go. All else is just feelings that will betray me in the end.
So with that , I will continue to fight and keep my head held high regardless of my feelings.
I have to have resolve in my  mind concerning the things that I have set out to accomplish.
If not, I have done all of this in vain Love.
So I must soldier on and win this fight even though it seems to get harder every day.
I will never give up because Quitters never win and Winners never quit!!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


"Snitch" investigates how a fundamental shift in the country's anti-drug laws -- including federal mandatory minimum sentencing and conspiracy provisions--has bred a culture of snitching that is in many cases rewarding the guiltiest and punishing the less guilty.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


We have started to receive profiles from inmates serving life sentences to put on our website.  For those who have already sent one we thank you, and for those who have not, we encourage you to do so. Now not all will be on our website, some will be placed on our Facebook page. We are choosing carefully on which profiles best fit our site, but want you all to remember that there is a reason for this and we are fighting in a change that will effect you all. We have met with the ACLU and are hoping that together we can start a national campaign to address the issue of Life sentences for nonviolent drug crimes, not only to raise awareness but to bring change and hopefully one day bring you home. Remember we cannot do this alone, we need the help from your loved ones, and friends who are willing to spread awareness and write letters when needed. Please have them "like"(they will know what you mean) our Facebook page, Crack Open The Door, to stay updated on what we are doing. Here is a comment left from Derrica Caroline, "And i thank all of you for that. I miss him. Im 15. And being without my Daddy my whole life is one of the hardest things that ive had to deal with. Thank you." Her father Derrick Kirtman, is serving life in El Reno for a nonviolent drug crime. These types of comments will help in our fight to bring justice, a voice, and one day you home.. So spread the word to all inmates about our site and our fight.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Donald Allen 04231-017

Happy New Years!!
Well, I just wanted to send this thought to
... you all.
Let us not only say and hope for a better year,
but let us work to MAKE IT a better year.
Save more money, work harder and don't
be afraid to try something different to
make things better okay.
God Bless
Donald Allen

Monday, 26 December 2011

My Day Today

Not much to say of my day so far. Just thinking of the past and things like that. I heard that one of the guys that left here is on his way back  in on the county jail for something he did once he got out. He went home on the 1st of this month here and it seems like he is already on  his way back.
The crazy thing is what's going on in my head. I just can't seem to understand this whole situation of people who get a break and mess up.
How could someone what to put themselves in a situation to come back here ?
No self control at all. Not one ounce of it. That is what causes me to just say,
"Why!???!!!       How!??!!"
I just don't get it. I long to have my woman right beside me, I long for the natural affection of the companionship of a man and woman. I can't see  how after going through this mess how someone would just to come back like that ? It just leaves me dumbfounded. I am lost on that area right there.
I just want a shot at it and I could show you how to do it.
 Get Free and Stay Free!!
Some people just don't get it. I don't want to come back and sleep in a room with another
man when I can be out there with my woman. Then you have to sit and listen and smell another
man's crap as  he sits on the toilet and go while you are locked in the cell with him. I guess they get out side the walls of the prison and totally forget. It is something wrong with them. I just don't get it. Life is much better out there but they keep coming back. Plus they have kids that are depending on them and things like that. How could you do this to your kids? I just don't know. I am left with nothing to say to this matter.
One day I might understand. Prison might not be that bad for them or to them as it is to me.
They say that every situation is simply all in the head so that may be it. Prison does not affect
them like it affects me. That might be the missing link. They don't like eating the food that they want to eat ?. They would rather come into  here and eat this mess that they call food. I am simply lost at this.
It has been 14 years that I have longed to get my freedom back and I never plan on giving it up again but these guys get out and can't stay out for 2 weeks!! I just can't get it. When is it going to stop? When are they going to wake up ?  It is just my mind that I am speaking right now out of confusion of what these people do. The bad thing about this situation is the fact that the people in charge that make the laws see most of the people that get let out come right back and so they just make a law to cover every single person and they judge us all by the actions of the ones that come back so fast. I guess that I never would understand.
I hate to judge someone for something that I have never experienced, but I just would like to say that I am confused by it all. I don't get how after a man has been here and knows how it is, to give his freedom up and come right back ?
I just hope that it is not me one day.
Well, those are my thoughts for right now.

Monday, 12 December 2011


Free has a lot of different meanings, but can we really find freedom at this time?
I speak as an imprisoned man at this time and what freedom on the inside means to me.
Some strive to be free on the inside, which means in their minds. They set up a lot of different rules for themselves that are truly not what they desire, but what helps them get by with less problems. Being free to me is doing what  you truly desire with no restraints or consequences. So as a prisoner if I make up a ton of rules just to make myself more comfortable and to get by with less pain and problems, am I free in my mind?
At times my feelings rise up  and I want to do something that is contrary to the rules that I have made up for myself to get by with less problems. I know that if I follow my feelings then I will lose. I may end up in the Special  Housing Unit or hurt by another prisoner. Who Knows?
So now, when I restrain myself by not following my feelings, I still hurt on the inside. It is like,
you are on the edge of sanity and insanity, but it is a choice you must make. One way or another I hurt on the inside, so am I free? When I  do the right thing I don't lose much but I hurt on the inside from my feelings being restrained.
Some believe that getting out of prison is being free, but we are faced with a different set of obstacles that we must over come. Now we must set up a different set of rules for those stumbling blocks out there, but we feel different or totally the opposite of those rules. So where do we finally meet and kiss freedom?
I know that we must accept the fact that there are going to be things we don't agree with but not accept the things themselves. In life we must have an understanding because if we don't have that, then we are setting ourselves up for failure.
At that point we cannot put the blame of the issues we don't agree with on someone else. It is just life and we must understand that fact!!!!
Free/Freedom is not when everything is going just right with no problems or pain. Free/Freedom to me is the fact that you simply know that everything is going to be alright regardless of all else.
That means PEACE.
Peace is when you go to work face all your problems, deal with the hassles of life, but you know that at the end of the pay period you are going to get what you worked for. The end justifies everything you are going through and at the you can and will smile.
Understand and accept that we are going to have many problems in life no matter how we prepare a defense for them. However, the goal is the END and then we win. Peace is when we know in the END we got what we have worked so hard for and that is the Freedom we seek

Friday, 9 December 2011



Hello everyone and God Bless You All!! At this time I would desire a short sentiment from you on the things you have read in regards  to this present case. I simply put these things forth to show an opposition to the case the Government brought against me and to see if there was by any strand a reasonable doubt in regard to my innocence. The only evidence that the Government could bring forth was testimony by two other convicted drug dealers who were being paid for their testimony in the prosecution of the Government's case against me.
Now with the above being stated and just to say if I did assisted this one individual over the period of a few hours, and all the conflicts in the Governments' case. Should a 19 year old kid spend the rest of his natural LIFE behind bars at the expense of the tax payers? Considering the evidence in relation to the time span, in relation to the sentence, do you think that the Government ensured  that Justice was served? Does a LIFE SENTENCE justify or is justified by the alleged action of the two witnesses who testified about one particular incident but never agreed on one aspect of it all? Would  you please give me your honest opinion on this matter?
During the beginning of 2012, I will put even more facts and documents on this web page in regards to my position in this case. Please be on the look out for  these other details and facts that come along with this matter. Most of all, thank you dearly for your time and support. I would like to ask you to please pass others this web page and invite 2 more other people
 to take a look at this.
Thank You
God Bless
Donald Allen
Innocent- P.O.W. (Drug WAR)